Dr. Victor Korwitts

Dr. Victor Korwitts, D.C.

Chiropractic Physician

Severe allergies plagued Dr. Korwitts throughout his childhood. After experiencing a variety of allergy medications along with tonsil/adenoid surgery while still fairly young, he next endured weekly allergy injections for years on into his teens. Seeing the toll all of this was taking, his parents decided they needed to try another solution. Being chiropractic patients themselves, they took their son for regular spinal adjustments. Not only was there immediate relief, the improvement continued and Dr. Korwitts has now been allergy-free for years. Everyone has significant experiences that end up changing one’s path through life and that was certainly the case here.

Grateful to be active and able to take part in daily outdoor activities along with having the ability to breath freely without limitation played a big role in Dr. Korwitts’ decision to become a chiropractor. Now with over 35 years of involvement in the health field, Dr. Victor T. Korwitts specializes in the treatment of structural, neurological and biochemical imbalances.

A graduate of the National College of Chiropractic, “Dr. K” has done extensive post-graduate work, including 600 hours in acupuncture and the study of Gonstead technique. Actively involved in sports and fitness, Dr. Korwitts has competed in many triathlons and biking events. First hand experience as an athlete has provided even more in-depth appreciation for body structure and function.

Dr. Korwitts’ work in the health field now has him working with patients from an integrative and functional approach where he looks at the originating cause of a health issue or problem. He then establishes comprehensive treatment programs incorporating nutrition, acupuncture, laser and rehab that lead to increased mobility, energy and overall well-being. Dr. K loves the quote: “Nature needs no help, just no interference.” -B.J. Palmer

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