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ProAdjuster Care

Dr. Korwitts demonstrates how ProAdjustor care works.

Consider Experiencing the ProAdjuster Difference

During a traditional hand-on spinal adjustment, a chiropractor applies pressure to misaligned vertebrae, thereby restoring proper motion and improved nervous system function. For decades, adjustments have been done by hand. But now, new tools using computerized technology are making the adjusting process even more precise. One such tool is the ProAdjuster, used here at Korwitts Chiropractic.

The ProAdjuster uses a computer program that interprets data obtained from a scanning tool. Then the adjustment itself takes place with a hand-held tool that applies targeted movement to areas not in alignment.

Many of our patients find a ProAdjuster session to be relaxing and even more comfortable than a traditional adjustment. You remain seated and in one position throughout your treatment session, and since the tool administers only the pressure that each individual joint needs, the treatments tend to be gentler and more specifically targeted.

Precise Analysis

The first phase of a ProAdjuster treatment session is analysis. You sit on a special chair with your neck slightly forward in the headrest while your doctor uses a hand-held instrument to evaluate each of your spine’s 24 moveable vertebrae from the base of your skull down to your lower back. You’ll feel a very slight clicking pressure as this process takes place. The ProAdjuster emits a light, 6-lb impulse that reads the response of each joint, which it then analyzes by computer software.

The ProAdjuster registers this information on a display screen, so both you and your doctor can see which of your joints are restricted.

Gentle Adjustment

The next phase is the adjustment itself. Your doctor will use the ProAdjuster tool to adjust each vertebra that is out of its proper range. The tool applies exactly the right amount of pressure needed to restore movement for that joint, using a controlled frequency of oscillations that lasts a few seconds. Gone is the guesswork.

After the adjustments are made, your doctor repeats the analysis and confirms necessary changes in each of the misaligned vertebrae.

While Korwitts Chiropractic continues to use manual spinal adjusting techniques through “traditional” chiropractic care, many people prefer the ProAdjuster approach. Talk to your doctor about what treatment style is best for you.

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