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Some of our patients have been gracious enough to share their stories about their MLS Laser Treatment.

I started coming to Korwitts Chiropractic for shoulder and knee pain and hip issues. My life and health have improved since coming to Korwitts Chiropractic Center in that I now have no pain, easier movements and the confidence to keep active (running, cross training and karate). I wanted to comment on the MLS Laser therapy it seemed unreal that such a non-invasive treatment actually helped. Seemed too good to be true! It worked exactly as prescribed.

- William Swanson, Clarendon Hills

My primary physician and orthopedic doctor had diagnosed bursitis in my left hip. An x-ray showed the hip bones ad joint were in good shape. I was taking over the counter pain relievers twice a day as prescribed and later received a Cortisone shot. I didn’t want to be stuck taking medications and decided to look into a chiropractor. My daughter is a patient of Dr. Dan and she said that he might be able to do something for my hip. When I decided to see Dr. Dan the pain in my left hip was severe (an 8 out of 10 on a scale) making it painful to stand up and walk after sitting. This discomfort slowed me down and prevented me from wanting to do anything. After 3 MLS laser treatments the pain was considerably less. I could get up from a sitting position and walk without cringing and limping in pain. I estimate 70% improvement. There is still some weakness in my left leg. I’ve had 6 treatment so far. My spirits are up and I have a good outlook ad want to do things! I recommend MLS Laser Therapy to anyone who suffers from chronic pain. It is remarkable!

- Maureen, Lombard

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