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Announcement of some BIG NEWS!


MLS Laser Therapy

Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy                       MLS Laser Therapy Treats

- Non Surgical Treatment                                     - Arthritis & Bursitis Pain

- No Negative Side Effects                                   - Sports Injuries - Sprains & Strains

- Rapid Results                                                    - Occupational Injuries

- Speeds Healing Process                                   - Post- Surgical Swelling

                                                                             - Heel Pain & Tendonitis

This Week Only - January 5th - 10th, 
we are offering pre-launch prices that will never be repeated again.

Purchase as many single treatments as your wish for $50 per treatment (minimum is 6).

This pricing is only offered to current Korwitts Chiropractic Center patients.

After the 9th of January, laser pricing will go to $80 per treatment for packages of 6 and $60 per treatment for packages of 12.