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Posted on 12-19-2017

Hello again!  I’m checking in to see whether you made that appointment with yourself to set aside a specific time for a walk and for being present? If not, what obstacles did you allow to get in your way? Or did it sound like a great idea initially and then fade by Monday morning?

Whatever the case may be, I’m here to encourage you:  don’t give up!  Actually, any reluctance you (and I) might have been feeling can offer a rich opportunity to understand ourselves a little better.

Dr. Tasha Eurich, organizational psychologist, emphasizes that “Self-awareness is the secret weapon of the 21st century . . . I’ve found that people who understand who they are—and how they’re seen—make smarter choices, build better relationships, and enjoy more successful careers.”

Segue. If you really want to get to know yourself better, do it like a good researcher would: spend less time theorizing and more time collecting data points to see patterns and trends.

“After I exercise, I feel better about myself.”

“When I wake up early, I get more done during the day.”

“When I put blogging off to the last minute, it’s hard for me to generate three examples of anything!”

Now these statements might sound like really simple correlations – and they are!  The point is we tend to ignore the obvious. This ‘life-blindness’ continues to perpetuate the very reasons we didn’t take the time to do what we set out to do.

Start working on raising your self-awareness today.  Read a contemplative poem, seek some intentional solitude, take time just to look out the window, or 15-minute walks (without your phone!) can give you precious time to be with yourself.  You’ll feel better and ready to make a resolution that will stick. Remember, set that appointment with yourself, and then honor it!  Become your own best whisperer! 

See you next year!

Courtney Ann

Jessica said:

I love this post! It's so hard to stay present but this is a great reminder :)

2017-12-21 06:12:09

Claire Kacena said:

Great and informative blog, Courtney! As a fast-paced nation we all NEED to set aside time to practice self-awareness on a daily basis and multiple times a day. Our health depends on it! Thank you for the reminder!

2017-12-22 14:18:52

Victor said:

Very inspiring!

2017-12-22 15:12:55

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