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Posted on 11-28-2017

Chiropractic Care and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Life is busy, life is stressful. Often it feels as though we are being pulled in a zillion directions at once. In the midst of anxiety and frustration, an individual is likely to experience problems with focus, inattention, emotional hypersensitivity, social aggressiveness and hyperactivity. When a struggle with these feelings becomes constant or chronic, a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD may be given. But then what? For adults and children alike, medical science often intervenes with prescription stimulants like Ritalin or Adderall, and/or prescription non-stimulants like Strattera and Intuiv.  While these medications may suppress symptoms, they have many side effects to include nervousness, mood swings, insomnia, tremors or even psychosis.  At Korwitts Chiropractic, we believe there is a better way to " keep calm and carry on," thereby enjoying life to the fullest. 

We now recognize that what is considered ADHD is the result of an over-active nervous system. This overactivity might be caused by life circumstance and demands, but there are many factors in the environment that will irritate the nerves and produce overstimulation. These factors primarily include refined sugar, artificial stimulants and chemical preservatives. Food allergies, especially to dairy and wheat can also play a role. And it is now becoming evident that many children simply do not learn well in traditional educational settings where the focus is on listening rather than on doing.  

Behavior associated with ADHD usually begins in childhood and is 60 to 70% likely to continue into adulthood. While it was once thought that ADHD affects 4 to 6% of the population, it is likely that the percentage is much higher. Since ADHD symptoms will interfere with academic and emotional development, it is important to find solutions early on. This will help insure that ADHD will not impact job performance, self-esteem and relationship satisfaction later in life. 

The following symptoms may indicate a problem with ADD/ADHD: 1) Difficulty following instructions 2) Becoming easily bored 3) Problems completing tasks 4) A tendency to be distracted 5) High levels of impatience 6) Poor listening skills 7) Continually losing things 8) Fidgeting and squirming 9) A tendency toward anger or tantrums 10) Difficulty focusing and concentrating. 

So what's our approach to ADD/ADHD at Korwitts Chiropractic? 

--We begin by providing dietary recommendations that will settle the nervous system. While there are some major triggers everyone should avoid, doing fairly inexpensive food allergy testing will narrow down specifics. 

--We will discuss natural supplements that are especially effective with ADD/ADHD... Liquid Multi-Mineral, B-Complex, Omega 3, Pre and Probiotic, Rhodiola Rosea. 

--You will receive information on using essential oils to improve focus while calming the nervous system: Vetiver, Lavender, Cedarwood and Frankincense can be particularly effective. 

--Chiropractic adjustments will be provided to keep the nervous system in balance by reducing any mechanical irritations that are interfering with healthy function. 

--The addition of acupuncture (needle or needle-less) along with ear beads will relax the meridian system, while creating more energy to the weakened areas of the body. 

Remember, "keep calm and carry on" can become a way of life for you and your family, if you understand how to naturally banish the symptoms of ADD/ADHD for good! 

Yours in Health, 

Dr. Victor T. Korwitts

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