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Posted on 11-24-2017


Vibration Therapy: Improving Muscle and Bone Strength, Flexibility, and Circulation

Vibration therapy has been around since the 1800’s, but really started to get researchers’ attention in the 1960’s with the space program.  They found that astronauts developed and maintained muscle and bone mass more effectively during their space explorations.  Since then, vibration therapy has played a role in the performance and rehabilitative settings, helping athletes and injury sufferers alike, accelerate strength and recovery.

This helps in several different ways.  

  1. Increased Circulation: Vibration increases circulation and blood and lymphatic flow, which helps rid the body and pain site of inflammation and toxins, while circulating vital proteins and minerals to help with the recovery process.  
  2. Muscle Activation: Vibration therapy helps activate underactive muscles and inhibit overactive muscles.  It acts a muscle stimulant to bring both deep layer and superficial muscles to a healthy tension.  This can act as a reset button for tight muscles, helping the body return to a pain-free state.  When more muscles are activated, stretching and corrective exercises is much more effective.  A recent study compared stretching after using vibration therapy and traditional stretching without the use of vibration therapy.  Participants who used vibration therapy before stretching found a 40% increase in joint range of motion compared to the non-vibration group.
  3. Increased Bone Density: It can help with conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.  Studies have shown that vibration can help reduce pain caused by arthritis, as well as stimulate healthy bone growth.

At Korwitts Chiropractic Center, our rehab department uses vibration therapy to help patients accelerate their recovery.  We use several different methods to make sure the entire body is treated, providing both immediate and long term pain relief.  Call the office at (630) 963-0080 to learn more.


Published by: Justin Reich, Exercise Rehab Specialist

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