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Posted on 11-07-2017

Why did I become a Chiropractor?  

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This is a question that I am asked quite frequently both out in public and in practice.  And to be completely honest and no fluff included, I did not consider becoming a Chiropractor until I was almost out of college.  My original plan was to become a pharmacist because I could still work in the healthcare field, make a cushy living and work in a field that is more accommodating to family life.  So, I started working at an independently owned pharmacy as well as a commercial chain, to gain as much experience as I could. 

*Now as a disclaimer, I must add that I am not against pharmacy and I am a firm believer that all areas of healthcare have and serve their purpose within the realm of healthcare, and we all can collaborate with one another to better serve those in our community, which is what it is all about anyways, right? * 

Anyways, after working in both pharmacies I decided that it just wasn’t for me.  It wasn’t hands on enough, it wasn’t personal enough, and quite frankly, not my cup of tea.  I will leave it at that.  And I wasn’t about to settle for something that wasn’t going to make me happy or that I wouldn’t enjoy doing for the rest of my life.    

Around this same time, my Dad was seeing a Chiropractor for his chronic issue with bilateral carpal tunnel and low back pain later to be discovered as a slipped disc.  My Dad is a mechanic and puts a lot of mileage on his body in order to do his job, and is a total rock star at what he does by the way.  As a result, he found such relief with Chiropractic care (no prescriptions or surgery required), and I was totally moved by this.  How could this practice fix something without the use of prescriptions or surgery? 

Well I found out fast enough when I started going with my Dad to his appointments and talking with his Chiropractor.  That’s when I decided that this would be a good fit for me.  Here we have a field still within the healthcare realm (which I wanted), helps people and is personal (which I wanted), utilizes nutrition and natural supplementation (which I wanted), is hands on and promotes a healthy lifestyle (which I wanted), is the first line of defense before prescriptions or surgery (which I wanted), and branches out to cover other areas of expertise other than just the musculoskeletal system such as rehabilitation, functional neurology, osteopathy, acupuncture, radiology, veterinary, pediatrics, and pregnancy to name a few.  Pretty cool, eh?   

Long story short, I immediately applied to Chiropractic school, sucked it up for 4 years, learned so much information that I am forever grateful to all my professors/tutors/mentors who put up with me, and now love what I get to do every day in practice. 

I love waking up in the morning not feeling like I “have to go to work.”  I love knowing the fact that I’m helping others make a positive change in their lives and working towards becoming the healthiest they’ve ever been utilizing natural approaches, the way mother nature intended.  Chiropractic truly does add life back to your years and years back to your life. 

Yours in Health,

Dr. Claire


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