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Posted on 10-31-2017

Mind, Body, & Spirit Balance

“Mind, body, & spirit balance...are you kidding me? I’ve got to get up, get the kids off to school, go to work, smile when I don’t feel like it, pick up the kids for soccer….and on and on and on.  At some point I get to breathe!”  

This might not be your typical day, however, the analogy of the ‘busy-ness’ might ring true. So often we spend so much time ‘on the go’, we think the kids will have to go off to college or we’ll have to retire before even comprehending what the word balance even means. Balancing Act…now that’s more like it! 

As this is my first attempt at writing down what has helped me create a balance in my life, and to leave room for future posts, I will keep this simple. The number one suggestion: Make an appointment with yourself. And honor it!  Does this sound silly? Kind of. However, the reason being is that we need more than just our ‘two-weeks of paid vacation’ to have some semblance of balance in our lives.      

Image result for Most Peaceful Place to Vacation

Sounds simple enough…so now what? Let’s start with something that encompasses all three areas of emphasis. For example, take a walk. Whether it is around the block, to the store, or something more, take a walk! LEAVE THE PHONE at home, on the desk or in the car. The point is to be present. Do this at a specific time, for a specific time. Pick a slot in the day that works for you (i.e. lunch). Treat this as a sacred time. It is, ‘OK’…the world will survive. Soon you’ll be looking forward to these moments. A few times a week is recommended.   

In addition to scheduling and keeping an appointment with one’s self, I’ve found that maintaining balance in my life is also aided through proper alignment. If I’m out-of-sorts nothing feels right. There can be increased tension which runs through my body, hence additional unwanted stress.

In an effort to be proactive and to avoid this unwelcome feeling, proper adjustments are essential. If my car’s tires are not aligned, eventually the tread will wear thin and I will have a flat tire. And these tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. The analogy is true with my spinal alignment and how it relates to my overall health.

As the friendly airline attendant reminds us, “place the oxygen mask on yourself first.” Then you can go out and save the world!

Published by: Courtney Sustr

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