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Dr. Lehoux's 5 Tips for Exceptional Health

1. First thing in the morning, drink 10oz of pure water. Keep a glass of water on your night stand and drink it immediately upon raising. Start the day off right and continue to consume the appropriated amount for your body weight.  Ideally, strive for drinking half of your weight in ounces of water.

2. Reduce “Text Neck” and tension in the upper back and neck with one very specific stretch. The “Chin-tuck” stretch is critical and should be done 30-40 times per day.  Do this by moving your head back while tucking your chin into your throat. To magnify the stretch you can bend your head down a little. Hold the stretch for a split second and you are done. These are easily performed any time; while at work or while sitting in your car at a red light. Each time you perform this stretch you reestablish proper muscle memory.

3. Help reduce tension in your low back by stretching the hamstring. A seated hamstring stretch will help and is done by sitting on the edge of your chair with one leg extended out with the knee slightly bent. The other leg is bent to give you stability. Slowly pivot your upper body forward until you feel a light stretch in the back of the extended leg. Hold for a two seconds and repeat 5 times then. Do the same on the other side.


4.I cannot emphasize how important Vit. D3 is. Bone strength and several thousand other chemical reactions are enhanced with proper Vit. D3 levels. Many of us are deficient because we do not get enough proper sun exposure. I personally take 5000 IU per day during the fall, winter and spring months. Checking your levels is only a quick finger prick blood test away. 

5.“Monitor your thoughts”. Many self-help gurus have elaborated on the subject of how we think. It is vitally important to keep in touch with our feelings. The moment you feel bad inside, switch your thinking to something that makes you “giggle” or a memory of a pleasurable moment in your life.  The law of attraction then dictates that good things will be drawn towards you and the bad feelings will melt away.