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Dr. Korwitts' 5 Tips for Exceptional Health

According to Chinese principles, a healthy lifestyle is accomplished through Yin and Yang of life.

1.  American culture has us always on the go -doing, doing, doing. We are not human “doings”, we are human ” beings.” Balance the “doing” with time for yourself. Time to read a good book, take a long hot bath, walk in nature, or work on a hobby.

2. With the advent of the information age, we find ourselves sitting for hours on end. Recent research has shown a correlation between sitting and heart problems as well as back issues. Balance your sitting time with being active just five minutes out of every hour. Set a timer and walk around your desk, or if you’re driving all day, walk around your car. Or better still do both at the same time by taking a walk in a forest preserve after work.

3.  Keep your thoughts balanced. Limit time spent watching all the negatives on the news. Especially, don’t watch the news and go to bed. You have just input a world of negativity and then you go to bed and let your subconscious dwell on it. You can balance the negativity by meditating. It’s a simple process of focusing on your breathing.  There are many good books available on the subject.

4.  Oh-h-h that Big Mac tastes so-o-o good! As an occasional meal it won’t kill you, but too many and it will. Balance the acidity of the meat by eating greens/vegetables. But here we have a potential problem! It takes a lot more alkaline vegetables to counteract the acidity of the meat. So bring on the veggies and go easy on the meat and grains.

5.  Our daily intake of water is most important to balance the toxins we ingest throughout the day. Without the water, we build up poisons in our tissues that can lead to chronic problems of digestion, elimination, thinking and movements.  To determine the optimum amount required for your body size, take your body weight in pounds, and divide by two. That’s how many ounces you should consume in a day. This doesn’t include coffee or tea. They are diuretics and actually increase your need for water. Reverse osmosis filtered or distilled water is best. And don’t gulp all that water down in one sitting. Any more than 2 ounces at a time is likely to go right on through!